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Not Your Mama’s Bedroom

 If home is where the heart is, the bedroom must be where the imagination lies. I have always been a fan of a posh, comfy, sexy, classy, elegant…well you get the picture- I love a kick ass bedroom!

A Lioness needs her den and I believe that no expense shall be spared when it comes to bedroom affairs. Lets review the facts. Every household is different, you may very well be the sole member of your household or you could possibly share your home with a bustling group of young-ins’ and a papa bear. Are you the female exec with the killer wardrobe worth a fortune that’s dating that hot pro golfer? Whatever the scenario, I  sincerely hope that your bedroom is that one room in your home that provides a peace of mind and a sense of class and sexy with a side order of OMG. Trust me, the man in your life will love it and will be happy to show his appreciation. If you are unattached, baby a bedroom makeover just might be what you’ve been missing. I have taken the liberty to showcase some of my favorite bedrooms. My advice to you is to mix it up yet keep it smooth and cool and sexy, ultimately the final word is yours. Remember a comfy bedroom will bless you with revitalizing rest, thus you have more energy and feel much better. Enjoy!

Up first, for the classic and sophisticated, here is one of my personal fav’s… Yes, Chandeliers in the bedroom are in-no doubt. Take this example and play around with it. A new coat of paint adds a dramatic change. Don’t forget new clean flooring is everything. One kings Lane has a duvet set that is almost identical to the set pictured below. Etsy has plenty of Chandeliers with that old Hollywood vintage flair that will give your bedroom that sexy timeless appeal


For those of you that are hot tamales and like your bedroom hot as well, you will appreciate these sexy digs…. I love a great deal and have found a ton of Faux Fur blankets and rugs on various sites like Chairish, where you are encouraged to make the seller an offer for an item that you love. If your offer is fair, usually the seller will quickly seal the deal and you may also negotiate shipping with certain shop owners


Are you a little princess at heart and need a bedroom that would go well with your tiara? A few gallons of high end satin paint will get you started on this “pretty in Pink” bedroom. You can add that dramatic Hollywood regency flair with loads of silky draping fabrics that you can snag at an outdoor swap-meet or if you live in Los Angeles, the garment district. Top it off with an over-sized chic rug and leather seating


Boho-Chic? Fabric draped along the ceiling of a bedroom adds a crazy cool effect to any style room. You could do a heavy silk or a flirty lace or sheer. An old vintage outdoor table top makes for a unique and Fabulous headboard. Eclectic lighting sets the mood and makes this room one that I had to add to my list




Also, if you have a nice sized room you could insert a nice seating area. It gives your bedroom more functionality and makes for a great place for a morning coffee